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I don't have kids, so Cookie, the parenting magazine -- "All the best for your family," the tagline reads -- isn't for me. But as a media person, it actually is for me. I've been checking it out recently, and I've been seduced by its sheer, masterful magazineness -- the way that it uses great design, clever packaging, and excellent photography to present its excellent information.
'Cookie' is a reminder of why magazines can still matter.
'Cookie' is a reminder of why magazines can still matter.

I confess that before digging in, I feared too much of a focus on conspicuous consumption; it's a Conde Nast publication, after all. But the September issue, for instance, had terrific relationship and health columns, an education piece that clearly runs down various preschool educational philosophies, a piece about maternal depression, etc. I love Cookie for the same reason I love, say, Saveur (even though I'm not a foodie): It reminds me why magazines can still matter.

As it happens, Cookie has a nice website too, but sometimes (still!) the clarity, simplicity and elegance of a printed page can trump every last bell and whistle in the interactive realm.
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