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Talk about brilliant timing: Just as CBS defends itself (finally!) in federal court against an FCC fine for a certain 2004 "wardrobe malfunction," Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake are awarded a Creative Arts Emmy for their December 2006 "Saturday Night Live" digital short, "A Special Christmas Box."
There aren't Emmy statues in those boxes.
There aren't Emmy statues in those boxes.
That video, of course, became one of the all-time great (and funniest) viral sensations, even though, when it first aired on NBC, the key word in the chorus -- "my d**k in a box" -- was bleeped. Yep, this is where we've arrived in American culture: Years of debate over whether Janet Jackson's nipple flash is a $550,000 offense and a TV industry that honors a song about, well, Dick Cheney minus the Cheney. Censorious FCC Chairman Kevin "Church Lady" Martin, with his dreams of chastity belts and corporal punishment for potty-mouthed vulgarians, must have had steam coming out of his ears. Maybe, God forbid, he even said "Dang!"
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