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Last week, when a federal appeals panel struck down the Federal Communications Commission's punitive fines for "indecency violations" on TV, FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps warned against evil broadcasters viewing the decision as a "green light to send more gratuitous sex and violence into our homes."
FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps
FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps Credit: Chip East

Oh, please. The truth is, the FCC has never been terribly worried about violence or even sex, really; its war over the past few years has, idiotically, mostly been against accidental utterances of naughty language in live broadcasts.

I've repeatedly campaigned in this column against the FCC's Church Lady crusade, not only because it's unconstitutional and arbitrary, but because it's a red herring -- a ginned-up morals crisis that obscures the FCC's real pro-big-media, pro-cross-ownership agenda. Last week's legal smackdown of the FCC means the smokescreen, at last, may be beginning to clear.
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