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Unless you're an internet broadcaster, you've probably only vaguely paid attention to the developing news story that the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) rather arbitrarily decided to crank up royalty rates for music webcasting. Basically, if the rate hike holds, hundreds of online radio stations will be forced out of business because royalty payments far exceed any potential revenue.
Finetune, a free, instant DIY radio station
Finetune, a free, instant DIY radio station

Among those threatened is, which is my current favorite music webcaster. It lets you create a free, instant DIY radio station, using its beautifully simple interface, by typing in the name of a band you like (an approach pioneered by Enter, say, "Shins," and you'll hear a Shins track followed by songs from bands you'll also probably like, such as Modest Mouse, Pernice Brothers, Polyphonic Spree, Coldplay, etc. CRB be damned! Finetune is, simply, good for the music industry: It helps listeners discover (and click to buy) new music.
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