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When, in 1986, an English band named itself "Pop Will Eat Itself," perhaps its members were anticipating the pop culture of the 2000s. The sampling and appropriation memes of the '90s have only been intensified by the pop-media culture of the past few years, what with the cannibalistic/synergistic relationship between old and new media.
Jossip has been obsessed with 'Us Weekly' of late.
Jossip has been obsessed with 'Us Weekly' of late.

Celebrity-tabloid magazines, for instance, rip off stories from blogs, while blogs rip off stories (and images) from celebrity-tabloid magazines. Even better, though, is when a blog sees a magazine itself, as opposed to just that mag's content, as red meat. Which is why gossip blog Jossip's recent obsession with Us Weekly has been so entertaining. It's not only been dishing about the mag's seeming conflicts of interest (e.g., tightness with certain celebs), it's been doggedly chronicling its legal tangle with Kitson, in which the famous L.A. boutique alleges that the mag has basically blacklisted it, banning editorial mentions and hurting its business. Jossip was the first to post the eye-opening legal docs, which cast bright light on the big, dirty business of tiny fashion credits.
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