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For the longest time I passionately hated Fast Company -- in fact, I've ridiculed it in print over the years for its lame, cheerleaderish "Brand Called You" take on business -- and I generally ignored its sibling, Inc. Then in June 2005, Joe Mansueto, the CEO of the investment-research firm Morningstar, bought them from Gruner & Jahr. "Sucker!" I thought. "Good luck reviving those sorry franchises." Guess what? He has -- editorially, at least.
'Fast Company' and 'Inc.' are now must-reads.
'Fast Company' and 'Inc.' are now must-reads.

Every month for the last few months I've been deeply engaged by a critical mass of FC's stories, like Charles Fishman's surprisingly engrossing story in the September issue about how Wal-Mart plans to single-handedly transform the lighting industry and the environment by marketing a different sort of bulb. No more dopey, quasi-Utopian, wishful-thinking motivational drivel in FC -- just smart, real stories about fresh business strategies in action. Meanwhile, Inc.'s gotten good, too. It's less energetic than its sister, but I've found myself jotting down notes and tearing out pages from each of the last several issues of Inc.
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