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Forget Jesse James (sorry, Brad Pitt). As timeless outlaw brands go, it's hard to beat hyperviolent '80s cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar -- newly mythologized on HBO's "Entourage" and in the coming Javier Bardem film
'The Memory of Pablo Escobar,' by James Mollison
'The Memory of Pablo Escobar,' by James Mollison
"Killing Pablo." Crime tales usually leave me cold, and it's been awhile since I've featured a book in Pop Pick, but the just-published visual history "The Memory of Pablo Escobar," by James Mollison, is extraordinary -- and astonishing.

It includes 350 photos and documents (most never before seen), including shots of Escobar's homes and hideouts, his private zoo, his lieutenants, a selection of his arsenal, as well as crime-scene photos (not for the squeamish) and even a note he gave his sister to put in her car's glove compartment ("This car belongs to my sister, Alba Marina Escobar. If you steal it, please return it in order to avoid problems. -- Pablo Escobar").

The true-crime book of the year.
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