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The only thing I love more than a good shortcut is a good compound shortcut. Nameau is a company that recognizes that "finding a decent dot-com name that hasn't already been taken is increasingly difficult."
And so it not only offers an immediately available inventory of vaguely webby-sounding brand names and their URLs (Buava, Rabra, Cubosity, Yoala, Dibli, etc.), it throws in a cool, legit-looking logo, already designed. It almost seems like a parody of Web 2.0 insta-company-ism, but the debut collection of more than 30 turnkey dot-com identities really is for sale, for prices ranging from $199 to $999.

I'm thinking of shelling out for Yoala, issuing a press release peppered with terms like "community-driven" and "viral, user-generated content," going into private beta (but I won't actually invite anyone to be a beta tester, because who really wants to bother creating content?) -- and then immediately filing for an IPO.
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