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So where's the web really heading? To keep track, I've bookmarked the very smart, very useful Programmable Web ( It's a site created by Seattle technologist John Musser to keep track of the latest mash-ups -- websites or applications that combine information from two or more sources (e.g., Google Maps and a real estate database) -- as well as "what's new and interesting with Web 2.0 APIs, and the web as platform in general." It's become a cult favorite of web developers, who check it compulsively for inspiration -- and a place for lay people like me to find groovy new web diversions. Musser presents multiple overviews, including the Mashup Matrix, where you can find out everything that's been mashed together with, say, Amazon or eBay or FedEx data.
A way to keep track of web mash-ups
A way to keep track of web mash-ups

But the best place to start is the Mashup Dashboard, which includes a mashup of the day, plus lists of the newest and most popular additions -- like MovieMappr ("find out what major motion pictures were filmed near you") and Album Art Cloud (a graphical representation of your most-played music).
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