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I'm hoping that the MTV series "I'm From Rolling Stone" is a hit and that it inspires all sorts of copycats. Like, say, "I'm From Cat Fancy" on Animal Planet. (Imagine the, uh, catfights!) Or, "I'm a Lawyer for Gawker Media Get Me Out of Here!"
Jann Wenner and his MTV interns.
Jann Wenner and his MTV interns.

Until then, we have this unreal reality show, starring six improbably good-looking kids serving internships (fake, glamorous internships, not actual, boring-ass, tedious Rolling Stone internships) and competing for a one-year writing contract. So far, Rolling Stone founder and Editor Jann Wenner has cast himself as the fairy godmother of the group -- the benevolent, smiley elder -- while Executive Editor Joe Levy is the bad cop.

In fact, the best reality-TV moment last week was when the Intern from Down Under, handsome Sydneyite Peter, bragged to Levy that he was "still drunk" when he wrote his first (lame) piece for the mag. The look on Levy's face -- a subtly shifting melange of shock, confusion, amusement, disgust -- was worthy of Stewie Griffin. Or Barney Gumble.
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