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I got a familiar chill down my spine when The New York Times announced last week that it had created a post, Futurist in Residence, which is being filled by Michael Rogers, a Washington Post Co. vet. Reminded me of my days in the mid-'90s Web 1.0 trenches when companies were adding bull-bleepy jobs with titles like Chief Evangelist left and right.

Far as I can tell, Rogers is just going to be an R&D consultant. The stupid title, I suppose, was intended to get the attention of marks (like me), with the hopes that we'd write glowingly about the fact that -- yippee! -- the Times is thinking about its future. Well, hey, Times, as long as you're at it, why not add a few more fancy posts? Like Director of Streamlinification, to handle the announced cost-cutting shrinkage of the physical paper slated for April 2008. Or Ringtone Critic, to complement your bizarre addition of a Fragrance Critic. Or, hell, maybe build a whole Investigative Shopping Unit, to try to make all your endless consumer-frenzied, retail-porn sections Pulitzer-worthy.
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