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What do the initials in stand for anyway? Too Much Zinformation? Tempo-mandibular Zyndrome? Taferine Meta-Zones? (Sorry.) All I know is that TMZ has been kicking butt lately.
Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline Credit: AP

Not only was it the first entertainment-news organization to substantiate the Britney-K-Fed breakup by publishing the divorce papers on its site, but it's been serving up all sorts of other awesomely appalling artifacts, like a ticket to K-Fed's Chicago House of Blues concert with a face value of $0 (he had to give 'em away to attempt to fill the room) and a rent check signed by Federline and stamped "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS" from his pre-Britney days (his former landlord is selling it on eBay).

Finally, someone's giving the Smoking Gun a run for its money. Most celebrity gossip is basically made up, of course, so it's nice to see another site taking a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach to reporting. (Just looked it up, by the way: TMZ stands for the "thirty-mile zone" around Hollywood. Oh.)
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