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Thanks a lot, ThisJustIn. The HBO/AOL news-comedy site, which quietly launched in beta last week, has completely ruined regular cable news for me with its hilarious take on the recent notorious Dick Cheney-Wolf Blitzer confrontation.
(Surf to and search on "Cheney," or just go to The 1.5-minute segment purports to show "unedited video ... altered by the network for obvious reasons" of Blitzer questioning Cheney about his lesbian daughter.

Actually, it's a computer animation using spot-on video-game-style likenesses of Cheney and Blitzer, and it's so much better than the real thing that now any time I watch CNN or Fox News or CNBC I close my eyes and wish ThisJustIn could just animate and rescript the entire 24/7 news cycle.

Full disclosure: I randomly know a couple of people working on the site; they surprised me by putting "The Media Guy" on their list of "Friends of TJI" -- a dubious honor, given some of the other scoundrels (Drudge, Perez Hilton) TJI lists as friends.
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