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PC Mag's Redesign

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Each week, an uncharacteristically generous Media Guy praises a pop-cultural gem.

Over the years, iMacs and iPods have transformed the formerly nerdy consumer-tech sector into pop culture of the first order. But the pop halo, of course, hovers mostly over the Apple universe, leaving the PC gang -- as neatly underscored by Apple's brilliant new Justin Long/John Hodgman campaign -- mostly in the dust. That's why the newly redesigned PC Magazine ($5.99) is such a welcome surprise.

Sure, it's a work in progress -- the current issue, for instance, has a body typeface that's reverted to the old, pre-redesign face, after readers screamed bloody murder about readability. But overall, the clever, clean, airy new look -- masterminded by the design gods at Pentagram -- now makes reading PC Mag an informative, accessible delight for nongeeks. Your office systems administrator probably hates it. But the rest of us who want beautifully presented, succinct, authoritative advice on wireless routers and handheld GPS devices and digital cameras (all covered in the June 27 issue, in addition to the usual PC fare) have a new must-read.
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