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AOL's Ongoing Meltdown

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Too bad the name "America's Biggest Loser" is already taken. If it weren't, America Online could use it for a totally compelling webcast about its ongoing corporate restructuring. Consider last week's reports about how AOL may abandon much of its subscription-based internet-access business, lopping thousands of employees and as much as $1 billion (if you believe The Wall Street Journal) off Time Warner's bottom line in the years ahead.

Then came TW's wounded statement about how those reports contained "incomplete and largely erroneous financial information." (Boo hoo! Giant media company can't control its own spin!) And don't forget last month's viral-audio clip of AOL customer Vincent Ferrari getting browbeaten by an AOL customer-service rep. It's all way more entertaining than most of the "content" AOL produces.

This is getting to be as fun as watching Nascar. Because everybody loves to hate AOL! It's better than hating France! And almost as fun as hating Star Jones and Barbara Walters combined!
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