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What's this gas mask doing here? (Click on the image to find out.)
What's this gas mask doing here? (Click on the image to find out.)

Editor's Note: Ad Age's "Media Guy" columnist, Simon Dumenco, is taking your questions -- and giving out media swag -- as part of the new Media Guy Mailbag series.

Each week he responds to reader feedback and is at the ready to answer your questions about media, marketing, pop culture, kittens, kitchen remodeling on a budget -- anything, really.

So far he's answered reader queries about the war between Amazon vs. Hachette, the Netflix available-all-at-once content-release model, his favorite thing in media right now and lots more.

And he's been crowdsourcing answers to questions that have come from young creatives looking for advice and perspective on how new hires can make themselves invaluable and agency pet peeves about millennials.

So send him an email with "Media Guy Mailbag" in the subject line. Readers whose questions are selected for publication can win free media stuff -- like gift certificates for books and music as well as, yes, a gas mask.

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