Meet Blerta, the New (Tragic, Albanian) Character on HBO's 'Girls'

Or Maybe That's Just Tina Fey. We're Not Entirely Sure

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The pop-cultural phenomenon that its "Girls" -- Lena Dunham's HBO hit about a group of New York City girlfriends navigating their way through young adulthood -- is both beloved by critics and reviled by, well, Dunham-haters. Seasons 1 and 2 earned Metacritic scores of 87 and 84, respectively (numbers which equate to "universal acclaim" among leading critics), while those with a seeming allergic reaction to the show love beating up on Dunham (Gawker in particular).

If the haters' rap against "Girls" is basically about the insufferability of First World Problems -- First World Problems among children of privilege, in particular -- then "Saturday Night Live" just devised a rather perfect critique of the show via a satirical promo. This clip appeared on Saturday as a part of the 39th-season premiere of "SNL." It stars guest host Tina Fey as Blerta, the tragic, Albanian new girl on "Girls." The best part might just come in the last 20 seconds.

P.S. A bonus meta-media moment came on Twitter via Lena Dunham's friend Mindy Kaling:

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