Obama Introduces iPad, Steve Jobs Gives State of the Union Address ...

... Or Something Like That. Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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I'm going to keep this brief -- I know everyone is going to be very, very busy frittering away the rest of afternoon reading every last scrap of news online about Apple's new iThingamajig -- so without further ado, a few notes and observations:

  • Apparently the president of the United States is giving some sort of speech later. But that hasn't stopped Steve Jobs from briefly overtaking him once already today as a Twitter trending topic -- and he'll likely do so again throughout the afternoon as Apple's CEO does his big reveal. Man, Jobs is so lucky he doesn't have to talk about boring stuff like health care, the Great Recession and the fate of Western civilization.
  • Steve Jobs introduces the Apple iPad.
    Steve Jobs introduces the Apple iPad. Credit: Engadget
  • Will we look back on today as the the day Amazon's Kindle died? Poor Jeff Bezos. His clunky black-and-white book reader has barely had any buzz compared with Steve's tablet (now officially known as the iPad).
  • "Apple" as a Twitter obsession pretty much beats everything lately: It's been name-checked a total of 389,635 times from Jan. 21 to today, v. 307,329 times for Obama.
  • As always, thank God for The Onion.

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