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'Page One: Inside The New York Times' Makes a Movie Star out of David Carr

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If you've ever been inside the new Times Square headquarters of The New York Times (the sparkling Renzo Piano skyscraper that was completed in 2007), you know that it's often eerily quiet -- even borderline morgue-like in certain departments. Which is why the just-released trailer for "Page One: Inside The New York Times" is kind of inadvertently hilarious. The trailer's soundtrack plays your emotions about a dozen different ways in just under two and a half minutes, veering from whimsical strings (quirky, competitive Timesmen!) to ominous strings (the old newspaper model is dying!) to plaintive piano (can the Times survive?) to a closing orchestral bit so heart-poundingly apocalyptic you half expect that Philip Glass is going to show up and punch Times Executive Editor Bill Keller in the face.

But never mind Keller. The real star of this trailer -- and the film itself -- is Times reporter and media columnist David Carr, an old colleague and friend of mine. ("Page One" hits theaters June 24.) It's been almost two years since I conducted a "Dumenco's Media People" interview with David keyed to the publication of his critically-acclaimed memoir, The Night of the Gun. Back then I described David as "this intense, deeply charismatic, heart-on-his-sleeve sort of guy prone to initiating bear hugs and tossing off salt-of -the-earth bon mots that can feel like lost dialogue from "Fargo" (he's originally from Minnesota, dontcha know). He is , quite simply, lovable."

Now, finally, he's a movie star.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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