Should People Be Required to Get a License to Use Twitter?

Tina Fey Thinks So. PLUS: Tina & Amy's Golden Globes Opener

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Even if you missed the Golden Globes telecast last night, you've probably heard that the best part of it, by far, was the co-hosting team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler; internet consensus seems to be that they should get to co-host every awards show from now on. Catch up by watching them earn big laughs in their opening monologue, here (unlike a lot of clips floating around this morning, this one is from NBC's official YouTube channel):

But Tina and Amy's triumph, Jodie Foster's rambling coming-out-ish speech (which Washington Post critic Hank Stuever called "very moving -- and utterly baffling"), the outfits, and, oh yeah, the winners have all overshadowed another bit of must-watch video: Tina Fey's "Ask Tina: Twitter" bit. Released by NBC on Friday, the short (2:28) clip features Fey talking about why she's not on Twitter -- and why most people really shouldn't tweet.

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