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Food Network Challenges You to Dice Carrots While Gary Busey Chases You With a Machete -- or Something Like That

The MediaWorks Guide to Summer TV: 'Extreme Chef'

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Earlier this week I speculated that reality-TV producers are themselves part of some sort of diabolical "reality" experiment, wherein they're all thrown together in a room, instructed to draw multiple genre "ingredients" out of a hat, and then forced, "Iron Chef"-style, to combine them into new and increasingly contrived shows. Well, do you need any more proof than this? Tonight at 10/9 C, "Extreme Chef" debuts on the Food Network -- the logo makes the 'X' the biggest letter in the title, so you won't miss the eXtremity of the premise -- and it's pretty much eXactly what you think it is (minus Gary Busey).

We're presenting the trailer below as part of the MediaWorks Guide to Summer TV, our ongoing series of video cheat sheets to help you stay on top of the cultural/media conversation about the season's brand new shows.

Here's Food Network's pitch:

Whether extracting ingredients from a block of ice or using a Swiss Army knife as a lone cooking utensil, three chefs are pushed to their physical and mental limits in each episode of "Extreme Chef." The series takes chefs out of their kitchen comfort zone to test their wits, adaptability and artistry as they must adapt to extreme conditions and unpredictable factors including swimming across a lake for ingredients and constructing a makeshift stove in only 30 minutes. In a series of arduous challenges, the competitors must impress judges and various guest critics with their unique culinary masterpieces to earn the title Extreme Chef.

I'm telling you, if this show takes off, it's only a matter of time before Busey shows up with that machete.

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