Who Got the Biggest Twitter Lift From the Oscars?

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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Wait, what was that big event that was on TV last night? Some sort of big ball game? Or was it ice skating? Oh, right! The Oscars.

In parsing this week's set of Trendrr charts, a few stark truths emerged:

  • Though the media spends the months and weeks leading up to the Oscars obsessing about the potential nominees and winners, your average Twitterer doesn't care until the damn show is on the air. Then, just as quickly, the Twittersphere stops caring again. The trend lines on tweets that name-check the best actor, best actress and best film nominees basically go from flat line to huge spike (mainly, of course, for the ultimate winner) to flat line again. One exception: Sandra Bullock (best actress), whose buzz-worthy acceptance speech has kept people talking (somewhat).
  • Bullock handily beat Jeff Bridges (best actor) in Twitter buzz by a country mile: 32,742 tweets name-checked her in her peak hour last night vs. just 20,878 for Bridges.
  • Sandra Bullock (left) and Jeff Bridges
    Sandra Bullock (left) and Jeff Bridges Credit: AP
  • As the Chicago Tribune notes, "The Oscars primarily exist for the benefit of future trivia contests. Therefore, 'The Hurt Locker' is destined to be remembered as the lowest-grossing Oscar winner in modern history ... the limited-release film [had] $14 million in box-office receipts." In terms of Twitter buzz, it beat out Sandra Bullock with 39,951 tweets in its peak hour.
  • Even bigger than "The Hurt Locker": Yep, "Avatar," which scored 58,505 Twitter mentions in its peak hour last night -- second only to "Oscar/Oscars" itself (65,751).

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