Vampires Attack Twitter! (Twitter Lives to Tell About It)

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On the next episode of "The Martha Stewart Show," Robert Pattinson from "Twilight" and Stephen Moyer from "True Blood" will share their recipes for blood pudding, with a studio audience taste-test determining the winner!

OK, not really, but given the continuing pop-cultural vampire mania, I'm half-expecting it. In the meantime, let's turn to the Twitter tape -- and Google News -- for the word on which blood-sucking franchise has had more mindshare lately. A few observations:

  • Media coverage of "Twilight" and "True Blood" (as shown by, respectively, the blue and gray lines) has trended steadily upward over the past several weeks, with the seemingly never-ending fan appetite for Robert Pattinson gossip likely keeping the former well ahead of the latter.

  • "True Blood" fans have an almost Pavlovian relationship with Twitter. When the show is about to air, is airing or has just aired, they can't help but tweet about it -- with a recent peak of 18,395 tweets on July 27 (after the previous night's airing of an episode titled "Hard-Hearted Hannah").

  • The triumph of "Twilight" in Twitter buzz was stoked considerably by its stars' presence at the heavily hyped 40th annual Comic-Con, the massive San Diego convention for fans of comics, sci-fi and other assorted pop culture, which ran July 23-26. (Hilariously, there was much grumbling after the fact about how "Twi-hard" fans and screeching fangirls had "ruined" Comic-Con this year.) In the aftermath of Comic-Con, there were 25,354 "Twilight"-related tweets on July 28 alone. Here's hoping at least one of them stated something along the lines of "I am in the twilight of my interest in vampires, and from now on will turn my attention to sexy, rabid unicorns."

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