The 11 Best Tweets from the Perversely Hilarious Fake Vice Twitter Account

We're Kind of Hoping Vice Is Responsible (Stay Tuned)

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On Sept. 19, a new Twitter handle was born: @Vice_Is_Hip. It's a parody account that slyly lampoons the Vice media empire's style of globe-trotting gonzo journalism with tweets that sound pretty much like actual tweets from the real Vice. Fake Vice on Twitter has quickly become one of the media world's favorite in-jokes, with everyone from The Wall Street Journal's Tom Gara to comedian Patton Oswalt retweeting up a storm.

To fully appreciate the joke, it helps if you contemplate a couple real Vice tweets first.

Get the picture? Good. Now you're ready to bask in @Vice_Is_Hip tweets -- 11 of which we're presenting here to celebrate the one-week anniversary of Fake Vice on Twitter:

(Adding to the fun: Fake Vice has started to occasionally retweet real @VICE and @VICEUK tweets so as to directly juxtapose made-up Vice insanity with actual Vice insanity.)

Will @Vice_Is_Hip turn out to be a preemptive act of self-parody by the canny Vice crew? Stay tuned!

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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