In Twitterlandia, Sarah Palin Is Crushing Limbaugh and Beck

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Ah, Sarah Palin -- the media gift that keeps on giving. Has there ever been a politician-turned-pundit more eerily skilled at getting press (OK, mostly bad press, but still) and capturing mindshare, hostage-style? (Love her or hate her, it seems that we've reached a general consensus that everyone must continue to pay attention to her.) Considering that she's merely a part-time contributor to Fox News, her social-media buzz (this week's set of charts look specifically at her Twitter profile) is rather impressive when you compare her to the big boys of conservative punditry. A few notes:

  • Her Tea Party conference appearance, as you'd expect, caused the biggest recent spike in her Twitter profile: 49,397 tweets name-checked her on Feb. 7, vs. just 11,277 for "tea party" itself. Palmgate -- the revelation that Palin wrote crib notes on her hand, seventh-grader style, to remind her of her own talking points during her Q&A session at the conference -- helped keep Twitter abuzz, whereas normally you'd expect a steep drop-off once she was offstage. (That latest uptick at the tail end of the chart is due to the "Family Guy" controversy.)
  • Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin Credit: Fox
  • Even without a particular appearance or controversy in the news, Sarah Palin is maintaining a considerably higher Twitter-buzz level lately than fellow conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Those guys generally get referenced on Twitter around 1,000 times or fewer a day, whereas Palin is typically name-checked 5,000 times a day or more lately.
  • Here's a piece worth reading from the Los Angeles Times "Top of the Ticket" political column today. The headline pretty much says it all: "Something to ponder for 2012: Sarah Palin's ahead of where Obama was 30 months before his nomination."

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