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Could This Video Be Footage of the Unboxing of an iPhone 5? Or Just a Cute Kitten?

Or As The Huffington Post Might Put It: iPhone 5 Red-Carpet Nip Slip?

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On Monday afternoon, Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo published a post titled "Could This Be the Design of the iPhone 5?" He told his readers to "Check out the pictures, because something tells me it could be very close to the real thing." Diaz explained that the photos in his post -- which came from a site called Giz-China -- are supposedly "an iPhone 5 clone made by a factory in Shenzhen, China, right where the actual iPhone 5 is being produced." (In its slideshow, Gizmodo framed Giz-China's images so that the Giz-China logo was cropped out of view. Curiously, Giz-China appears to be something of a Gizmodo knock-off. Hakuna matata! The Circle of Internet Life!)

For the past few days, I've keep Diaz's post open in one of my Firefox browser tabs so I could occasionally hit "refresh" and track, via Gizmodo's on-site counter, the popularity of this iPhone 5 "scoop." As of Thursday afternoon, it's racked up more than 1.5 million page views. That might seem like a crazy-high level of interest for an iffy post about a possible Chinese clone of a not-yet-released iPhone, but it's actually par for the course. According to a statistic I just made up, 18% of traffic to gadget blogs goes to speculative posts about unconfirmed rumors about unreleased Apple products; that number climbs to an astounding (and also made-up) 43% of all gadget-blog traffic in the weeks leading up to officially announced Apple product-release dates.

Frankly, Gizmodo's latest Apple-rumor-related traffic windfall not only inspires envy in me, but competitiveness. Which is why I'm thrilled to share this exclusive video of what I possibly believe to maybe be an unboxing of an iPhone 5.

Since Apple has been known to keep iPhone prototypes disguised in cases -- a kitten-shaped case in this particular instance -- I have every reason to believe that the video above is authentic footage of an unreleased iPhone 5 being unboxed. And if it's not the real thing, something tells me it could be very close to the real thing. (The Asics logo on the iPhone box is clearly part of the whole disguise strategy.)

Now please share this post with everyone you know -- unless you know Jesus Diaz, because I don't want him aggregating me.

P.S. Bonus footage: "I'm a Stupid iPhone 5!" (Warning: soundtrack contains strong language.)

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