Watch: Five Fantastically Weird David Bowie Commercials

From Pitching Pepsi to Louis Vuitton, Bowie Always Knew How to Dazzle

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As the world mourns David Bowie, the advertising industry is remembering him as an unexpected -- and always fantastically weird -- pitchman for both mainstream and luxury brands. A shortlist of his most notable ad appearances:

In this 1987 ad for Pepsi, Bowie plays a mad scientist who brings Tina Turner to life with what looks to be some sort of early 3D printer:

In this 2001 XM Satellite Radio commercial, Bowie references his character from "The Man Who Fell to Earth":

Bowie again falls to Earth for XM in this 2005 ad, but this time he's joined by Snoop Dogg and B.B. King:

In this 2006 French ad for bottled water brand Vittel, Bowie encounters a house full of Bowie wannabes:

In this 2013 extravaganza for Louis Vuitton, Bowie, singing "I'd Rather Be High," presides over a wildly eccentric royal court of some sort:

More recently, Bowie's "Fame" underpinned an epic 2015 Cadillac ad (though he didn't appear in it).

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