Watch Hillary Clinton Debate 'Donald Trump' on Jimmy Fallon

CNN May Have Had 'The Donald & Carly Show,' but NBC Had Hill

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CNN may have had "The Donald & Carly Show" last night, but NBC's "Tonight Show" scored a surprisingly charming Hillary Clinton -- and "Donald Trump" too, as channeled by host Jimmy Fallon.

In a bid to humanize her political brand in the face of sinking polls, Mrs. Clinton wisely chose to sit down with the nicest host on TV -- and it paid off. "The Tonight Show" has broken up her appearance into multiple short YouTube clips -- all the better for social-media sharing -- with the first, titled "Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton," most likely go viral. It features a cleverly scripted split-screen phone call between Mrs. Clinton and Jimmy Fallon's excellent Trump (with, as always, perfect hair and makeup) that turns into something of an impromptu debate on the issues:

In "Hillary Clinton Impersonates Donald Trump," she does just that (sort of) -- and even lets Jimmy Fallon touch her hair (after discussing The Donald's questionable 'do):

In "Hillary Clinton Has a Good Time Watching Donald Trump's Campaign," she imagines a Trump presidency:

In "Hillary Clinton Explains What's in Her Classified Emails," she insists that "nothing that was sent at the time or received was secret" -- and then discusses the selfie she recently took with Kim Kardashian:

And in "Rapid-Fire Interview with Hillary Clinton," she and Jimmy talk about parenting along with a few elements of her campaign platform:

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