Watch Jon Stewart Eviscerate a 'Daily Show' Advertiser by Remaking Its Ad

Did the Koch Brothers Realize What They Were Buying Into?

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Our Clip of the Week comes to you courtesy of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" -- which, it turns out, has been coming to us, in part, courtesy of conservative billionaires the Koch Brothers. Jon Stewart and his writing team, upon learning that Koch Industries is, weirdly enough, a "Daily Show" advertiser, decided to make some "minor adjustments" to the conglomerate's feel-good ad as a way of welcoming it to the show in this segment from Wednesday night's episode. A revised voice-over (e.g., Koch backs "17 shadow organizations to buy elections from Pennsylvania Avenue to Main Street") and some additional visuals (e.g., Hitler*) put a, uh, somewhat different spin on Koch brand values.

*literally Hitler

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