Watch the Weird Pro-Obamacare Video Starring Jennifer Hudson

It's a Funny or Die Production -- the First in a Series

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If you thought the recent anti-Obamacare ads starring a creepy Uncle Sam were unfunny, just wait until you see the pro-Obamacare head-scratcher titled "Scandalous with Jennifer Hudson," which went live on Funny or Die today. While the Uncle Sam videos were part of an effort by Generation Opportunity, a Virginia-based group trying to convince young people to opt out of the Affordable Care Act, "Scandalous" is a Funny or Die production inspired by Obama administration outreach to the creative community. Scroll down below the video for more context.

As the Los Angeles Times' Maeve Reston reported earlier this month, Mike Farah, president of production at Funny or Die, is spearheading a volunteer effort at the comedy shop to use celebrities in humorous pro-Obamacare videos:

Farah's drive stems from a series of White House meetings, culminating in a July session in the Roosevelt Room in which the president asked for help promoting the law from a conference table full of artists, entertainers and creative executives including Farah, Amy Poehler, Jason Derulo, Michael Cera and Jennifer Hudson.

Say what you will about the creepy Uncle Sam videos, but they got their point across. Whereas the muddled "Scandalous" feels like it was written by committee. Regardless of where you stand on Obamacare, here's hoping -- just for the sake of comedy -- that the successors to "Scandalous" are less awful.

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