Wondering About the Future of Media? It's All Right Here

From the Next Hot Digital Agency to the Future of YouTube. Bonus: Britney's Next Meltdown

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Have recent media-world developments left you bewildered? No idea what to expect next? Don't fret! It's time once again for Media Guy's Crystal Ball Report.

Nintendo appears to have another runaway hit with its Wii Fit, a Wii gaming-console accessory that users step and stand on, as the device senses body position to allow gamers to engage in interactive workouts.
NEXT UP: Defensive Microsoft scoffs and points out that Xbox has long had the so-called Xbox Sit feature, an interactive experience for house cats, allowing them to find an awesomely warm, cozy place to nap, provided the Xbox unit is placed on its long side.
Titanic: CBS's digital strategy includes, no kidding, 'The Love Boat.'
Titanic: CBS's digital strategy includes, no kidding, 'The Love Boat.'

William Morris is investing in Agency 3.0, a next-gen digital agency co-venture with wireless pioneer Peter Adderton of Amp'd and Boost Mobile fame.
NEXT UP: CAA races to co-venture with Twitter Inc. on Agency 4.0 and bids up the asking prices for haiku poets, autistics, Chuck Norris and other content creators proficient at communicating in 140 characters or less.

Taking in-program sponsor placement to a dramatic new level, the Fox Network supplemented its own "bug" (logo) on the lower right corner of the screen with a sizable Coca-Cola bug (bigger than the Fox bug, actually) on the lower left corner of the screen for a full minute during the season finale of "American Idol" -- while Coke graphics filled giant monitors behind Ryan Seacrest.
NEXT UP: "Fox & Friends" personalities on Fox News sit on sofa emblazoned, Nascar-style, with the logo of marquee pharmaceutical sponsor Cialis -- while chit-chatting about how nice it would be if only they could be "ready when the moment is right."

When asked by ABC News if Britney Spears going out for sushi would qualify as news at Us Weekly, the magazine's news-photo editor, Peter Grossman, declared, "That's like a 'Just Like Us' picture maybe. Britney getting sushi is not a cover story."
NEXT UP: Spears heads to Sushi Q on Sunset Boulevard for lunch but starts freaking out when a server explains that one roll contains eel. "Eww, eel? Is that, like, a snake? I hate snakes!" She starts screeching, "Get them snakes away from me, y'all!" as she jumps up on a table, exposing her crotch to paparazzi (on the one day her panties were at the dry cleaner). "Is Britney Out to Lunch Again? Inside Her Tragic Sushi Meltdown" becomes Us Weekly's best-selling cover of the year.

Veteran Washington Post reporter Bob "Watergate" Woodward is said to remain on contract at the paper at an honorary $1-a-year salary.
NEXT UP: A light bulb (an old energy-saving compact fluorescent that gives off a sickly yellow glow) lights up over Tribune CEO Sam Zell's head.

CBS expands its online offerings by uploading old episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "The Love Boat" to CBS.com, as well as additional seasons of "Hawaii Five-O" and "MacGyver."
NEXT UP: Google announces the imminent shutdown of YouTube. "Until now, we've had a stranglehold -- an effective monopoly -- on crappy online video content," a Google spokesman says. "But we have now been definitively out-crapped in the ongoing online video crapathon by CBS, and we therefore humbly concede to Les Moonves and his crack team at (cough) the Tiffany Network."

New York Times Op-Ed columnist Frank Rich signs a consulting deal with HBO.
NEXT UP: Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter signs a consulting deal with Chiller, NBC Universal's cable horror network.
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