Amazon's (Still Illegal) Drone Spot Is One of Last Week's Top Ads

Jeff Bezos' Vision of Delivery Drones Fascinated the Internet

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Amazon claimed the No. 2 spot last week with its Prime Air video, demonstrating the the now infamous drone delivery system Jeff Bezos floated in his December 1 "60 Minutes" interview with Charlie Rose. The clip, which has been viewed more than 13 million times, features the borderline-absurd scenario of an Amazon mini-copter prototype latching onto a package at a fulfillment,center and transporting it to the steps of a customer's home.

The company awaits FAA rule and regulation updates in order to put its plan into action. The Bezos-owned Washington Post reports that, due to current laws, the video couldn't even be filmed in the United States, as commercial drones are not yet legal. The shooting locale has yet to be disclosed.

Not surprisingly, Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi's selfie showdown for Turkish Airlines debuts at No. 1 on the Viral Video Chart this week. While their first spot snapped up the top position around this time last year, the 18 million views pales in comparison with the 64 million the latest one has garnered.

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