Apple IPhone 4.0: Wordless and Classy

Newcomers Gillette and Visa Sport Subtle and Not-So Subtle Gags

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NEW YORK ( -- Apple storms the chart as this week's salutatorian with 1.8 million views for its highly anticipated iPhone 4. The Cupertino company's clip is a smart spot that focuses entirely on the new phone's Face Time app, which allows people to video chat over their respective iPhone 4s (yes, the future is now). Even better, the NA-produced ad is done without dialogue, only the nostalgia-steeped crackle of Louis Armstrong's "When You Smiling" tracked over images of grandparents, parents and soon-to-be-dads chatting with distant loved ones. Yes, it comes on thick. But it works. It almost makes you forget Steve Jobs' rant-prone presence on all things Apple and all things Apple doesn't like. Almost.

Another newcomer, Visa's World Cup campaign, comes in at 3rd place with 1.8 million views and features NBA star Steve Nash shouting "goooooaaaal!" in various dream sequences, though the punch line doesn't arrive till he wakes up and pulls off his T-shirt to reveal a woman's athletic bra -- a nod, no doubt, to Brandi Chastain's game-winning penalty kick against China in the women's World Cup match in 1999. She de-jerseyed post goal to reveal...well, you get it. That was 10 years ago, so we can't decide whether the kicker (no pun intended) is coyly funny, or just dated. Perhaps a bit of both.

But it was newcomer Gillette that grabbed the top spot this week with a whopping 2.7 million views for its "Perfect Length" vid featuring women responding to the question, "How do you like it shaved?" The answers: "Just a little patch..."; "I think it should always be tidy"; and "...when it's smooth like that, I can't keep my hands off it" show that agency Jack Morton has little faith in the subtler shades of innuendo and prefers double entendre to come across like hammer on concrete. It's a low grab, basically, (pun heavily intended, if only to make sure Jack Morton gets it).

Meanwhile, Nike's "Write the Future" was bumped off the top spot this week, but remains in the top five with 1.6 million views, a 12% drop that may be a reflection of the U.S. team's ouster from the tournament. Come on, Brazil. Load it up.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 New Gillette Perfect Length Jack Morton 2,715,412 New Gillette: Perfect Length
2 New Apple iPhone 4 Face Time N/A 1,834,187 New Apple: iPhone 4 Face Time
3 New Visa Go Fans 2010 FIFA World Cup N/A 1,820,448 New Visa: Go Fans 2010 FIFA World Cup
4 1 Nike Write the Future Wieden & Kennedy 1,637,453 -12% Nike: Write the Future
5 New GMC GMC Pickup Games Leo Burnett, Starcom Worldwide; Digitas; Sharethrough 1,278,588 New GMC Pickup Games
6 6 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 1,064,573 +11% Evian: Live Young
7 4 Pepsi Oh Africa N/A 1,002,063 -19% Pepsi: Oh Africa
8 7 Volkswagen Driven By Fun DDB 815,848 -3% Volkswagen: Driven By Fun
9 3 Microsoft Xbox Project Natal World Famous 661,657 -55% Microsoft: Xbox Project Natal
10 8 Toyota The Sienna Family Saatchi & Saatchi 527,081 -21% Toyota: The Sienna Family
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