Apple Passes 15 Million Views for iPhone 4S Videos

Apple Videos Top Viral Chart, Challenge Facetime as Apple's Most-Watched

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Apple is expecting its iPhone 4S to break sales records in the fourth quarter, and if views of its demo videos are any indication, its well on its way.

The videos had another big week, bringing in another 4.5 million views for both the five-minute intro of the phone and a 1.5-minute ad for its more prominent new feature, Siri. Total views for both iPhone 4 videos are up to 15 million, with the majority going to the Siri video.

Visible Measures detected 300 copies and derivatives of the iPhone 4S videos uploaded by fans. Apple's most-watched video is the demo video for the iPhone's last killer feature, Facetime, which has 18.8 million views.

New to Viral Chart this week are ads from Fiat, Adidas and Twinings tea. Fiat's controversial Jennifer Lopez spot finally landed on the chart, one former auto-marketing exec Peter DeLorenzo called "quite possibly the worst automotive spot of the last decade, hands down."

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