Blackberry's Video Hit on Apple's IPad Goes Viral

Ad for Playbook Tablet Takes 1.7 Million Views in Its First Week

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NEW YORK ( -- Online video views are not sales. But if they're even only suggestive of interest, Research in Motion has to be happy with the performance of the two-minute intro video for its iPad-fighting Playbook tablet, which debuts at No. 2 on the Viral Video Chart this week.

The two-minute video, which like Amazon's recent campaign for the Kindle took several swings at the iPad ("Flash-loving"; "multitasking"), took more than 1.7 million video views in its first week, with no obvious paid promotion to support it. Hard to know for sure who's paying and who isn't in these video campaigns, but Visible Measures notes that BlackBerry's view curve was smooth, with none of the sharp spikes that can signal a paid deal.

Most of the views came from sites clearly covering the launch of the device, pitched as a "professional tablet," including Yahoo News, Engadget, Gizmodo, Macrumors and Crackberry. Yahoo News alone referred 160,000 views in the first week.

While BlackBerry's Playbook video didn't surpass the first week for "Meet iPad" (2.4 million), it's certainly barged into the conversation, reflecting perhaps that BlackBerry owners still outnumber iPhone owners by a long shot. The BlackBerry Playbook video came very close to Apple's iPhone 4 Face Time Campaign, which got only 100,000 more views (1.8 million) back in June.

Also new on the chart this week is the very first video from Buick, which let a bunch of automotive journalists take it for a lap around Germany's Nurburgring, and the latest installment from Old Spice, which enlisted fearsome Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis for its consistently hilarious body wash campaign. Mr. Lewis is no Isaiah Mustafa, and though the ad has appeared on TV, it's been a sleeper online, likely getting a paid promo push around the first of the month to scratch its way onto the chart.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 1 DC Shoes Gymkhana Three In-house 2,776,404 -37% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Three
2 New Blackberry PlayBook N/A 1,757,270 New Blackberry: PlayBook
3 New Buick Moment of Truth Digitas 1,497,364 New Buick: Moment of Truth
4 3 Axe Clean Your Balls BBH 1,218,289 0% Axe: Clean Your Balls
5 4 Nokia It's What You Do With It Wieden & Kennedy 947,389 -13% Nokia: It's What You Do With It
6 8 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 893,708 +6% Evian: Live Young
7 6 DC Shoes Gymkhana Two In-house 877,395 -17% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Two
8 New Old Spice Greatest Smell in the NFL Wieden & Kennedy 776,701 New Old Spice: Greatest Smell in the NFL
9 9 Geico Really Save The Martin Agency 759,627 0% Geico: Really Save
10 New Axe World's Manliest Rituals Mindshare 747,053 New Axe: World's Manliest Rituals
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