The Viral-Video Winner of the Week: Bud's 'Puppy Love' Anti-Drunk Driving Spot

Google and Samsung Both Chart With Responses to Apple

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Budweiser's recent ad using your love of dogs against your (possible) urge to drive drunk has gone viral, racking up 14.3 million views in the week that ended Sunday. The spot didn't use the same dog as the brewer's Super Bowl spot "Puppy Love" (which actually used several puppies), but it's the same breed (and breeder), and you love it just as much.

So Bud's "Friends Are Waiting" spot came in No. 1 on our weekly Viral Video Chart, powered by Visible Measures, followed by Google's TV campaign for its Google App and perennial viral presence Samsung, whose well-received video starring Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard fell to No. 3 from No. 2.

Both Google and Samsung reappear further down the chart to take on Apple, however, with Samsung's ad mocking Apple's late entry into the phablet zone and Google reminding consumers Apple Watch isn't the only wearable tech out there.

Google takes yet another slot, No. 10, with a remarkable video about exploring the Pyramids of Giza using Street View.

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