Which of These Ads is Viral Video's Tear-Jerker of the Year?

View Entries From Google, Budweiser, Jeep, Ram, Expedia and Coca-Cola

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On a fundamental level, advertisers are looking for one thing: an emotional connection with the audience. In other words, did that ad make you laugh or did it make you cry?

Yesterday you got the chance to vote on which funny video is podium-worthy at the Viral Video Awards in April. Now, we want to know what tugged on your heart strings. Whether you call it the most emotional or most moving, these six ads were the biggest tear-jerkers of the year, in our book.

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The also happened to be some of the most-watched and passed around, according to our friends at Visible Measures. Some of these have aired on TV as well as the web, like Google's "Camping," and three aired during the Super Bowl: Budweiser's "Clydesdales," Jeep's "Whole Again," and Coke's "Security Cameras."

As we learned from Google's great "It Gets Better" spots and countless other examples over the years, tear-jerkers work on the web. All of these were made to be passed around, but which one did it best? We need you to help us make the final call, so watch some videos and vote! The winner will be onstage at the Viral Video Awards at Ad Age's Digital Conference in April.

Agency: Mullen

"Security Cameras"
Agency: Y&R Argentina

Agency: The Richards Group Dallas

Agency: Anomaly

"Whole Again"
Jeep, USO
Agency: GlobalHue Detroit

"Find Your Understanding"
Agency: 180LA

Find Your Understanding Expedia Find Yours from Goodvertising on Vimeo.

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