Corning Shatters Viral Ceiling With Futuristic Glass Video

Maker of 'Gorilla Glass' in iPhones and iPads Sees Future Where Touchscreens Are Everywhere

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Not often a corporate video tops the Viral Video Chart, but Corning's "Day Made Of Glass," a vision of futuristic technologies made possible by the company that makes the bulletproof "Gorilla Glass" in iPhones and iPads, did just that with more than 6 million views last week alone.

The video imagines a world where pretty much everything is made of this stuff, meaning touchscreen bathroom mirrors, kitchen counter tops, tables, windows, street signs -- you get the picture. I'd say we're surprised, except Corning's agency, Doremus, told us a few weeks ago this would be the case when it pitched us on the "exclusive" about a "corporate film that's making YouTube history," including all the coverage it received in Wired, Gizmodo, several Android forums and Awesomer.

Doremus also pointed out that it's breaking a lot of the so-called rules of viral video in that its not short (six minutes), it's not funny, its not a repurposed Super Bowl ad, its not at all catchy, goofy or "seeded to through the late-night talk-show circuit." All true. We'll add some more: It has zero cute babies, lol cats, crotch shots, lingerie models or Katy Perry. Adidas has Katy Perry and the No. 2 viral ad this week.

This is how Doremus explains its success:

"A Day Made Of Glass" resonates with audiences on several levels. It depicts dad, mom, two school-aged daughters and grandma as they go through their day, from home to car to work and beyond, using the futuristic technologies that create a seamless and easier lifestyle ... all made "real" thanks to the vision of Corning glass and its scientists.

The video racked up 7.4 million views in its first month -- pretty good by any measure. But it spiked last week, gathering 6.4 million views. Surges can be driven by paid spots or a few healthy blog links; we suspect both are at play here.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 New Corning A Day Made of Glass Doremus 6,320,518 New Corning: A Day Made of Glass
2 New Adidas All In Sid Lee 3,175,511 New Adidas: All In
3 1 Smartwater Jen Aniston Goes Viral Zambezi 1,801,027 -76% Smartwater: Jen Aniston Goes Viral
4 New SunDrop Drop It MTV Scratch 1,242,307 New SunDrop: Drop It
5 6 Old Spice Old Spice Man is Back Wieden & Kennedy 1,080,520 +18% Old Spice: Old Spice Man is Back
6 New Old Navy Booty Appreciation Patrol Girardville Miners' Cooperative 997,433 New Old Navy: Booty Appreciation Patrol
7 9 Blendtec Will It Blend? In-house 919,334 +31% Blendtec: Will it Blend?
8 7 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 784,757 -9% Evian: Live Young
9 New Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Launch Bradley and Montgomery 628,782 New Microsoft: Internet Explorer 9 Launch
10 5 Volkswagen The Force Deutsch 617,008 -33% Volkswagen: The Force
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