Viral Success Can't Turn Comfort Wipe Into Real Product

What People Watched the Week of June 15, 2009

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NEW YORK ( -- Just because there's a market for your online video doesn't mean there's a market for the product it's hawking, an important lesson illustrated by this week's No. 4-spot debut.

The infomercial for The Comfort Wipe was, er, intriguing enough to garner almost 700,000 non-paid views this past week, according to Visible Measures data, and, yes, it is a real product that helps people reach around to wipe after using the toilet. But Comfort Wipe is in test mode, and its maker, Telebrands (also responsible for other as-seen-on-TV products such as the StickUp Bulb and Doggy Steps), will not be moving forward with it, according to a spokeswoman. There are still units available for purchase via the website, but once they're gone, they're gone.

While it's nearly impossible to beat that story line, there were a couple of other interesting debuts on the chart, including a seven-minute-plus video from DC Shoes. And we're going to go out on a limb here and bet that guys fueled the traffic for Ultimo, which landed in the No. 8 spot with "Test Drive Bras," and tech geeks goosed video traffic for Opera, which landed in the No. 9 spot for its "Unite" campaign, which promotes its new browser technology.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 3 Nike Basketball Most Valuable Puppets Wieden & Kennedy 2,481,055 +55% Nike Basketball: Most Valuable Puppets
2 1 Microsoft Xbox Project Natal World Famous 1,711,375 -31% Microsoft Xbox: Project Natal
3 NEW DC Shoes Ken Block's Gymkhana Two Project Mad Media 744,980 NEW DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana Two Project
4 NEW Comfort Wipe Comfort Wipe Adcomm Advertising 689,064 NEW Comfort Wipe: Comfort Wipe
5 2 Carl's Jr How to Eat a Burger (Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger) Initiative, Mendelsohn Zien 684,026 -59% Carl's Jr: How to Eat a Burger
6 5 Cadbury Eyebrow Dance Fallon 497,796 +47% Cadbury: Eyebrow Dance
7 4 NBA Where Amazing Happens Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 458,162 -9% NBA: Where Amazing Happens
8 NEW Alton Towers/Ultimo Test Drive Bras [email protected] 385,818 NEW Ultimo: Test Drive Bras
9 NEW Opera Software Unite In house 309,393 NEW Opera Software: Unite
10 7 T-Mobile T-Mobile Dance Saatchi & Saatchi, MediaCom 275,152 +12% T-Mobile: T-Mobile Dance
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