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Ten Super Bowl Ads Generated 44.7 Million Views the Week After the Game

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NEW YORK ( -- Welcome to the Viral Video Chart, Super Bowl edition. The week after the big game, all ten slots were taken over by spots that aired during the Super Bowl, racking up 44.7 million combined views and shoving aside some durable online campaigns like Evian's "Roller Skating Babies," Microsoft's Xbox Project Natal and DC Shoes' "Gymkhana Two."

As we saw last week, Doritos and Anheuser-Busch won the pre-game run-up, but this week's list reflects what the data tells us were the most-watched, most-liked spots on TV. Consider: Four Doritos spots together had nearly 18 million views, or 40% of all the views on the list.

Overall, Doritos' "House Rules" was the most popular ad on the web after the Super Bowl, with 9.1 million views on its own, and nearly 10,000 comments on all sites, according to Visible Measures. That's compared to last week's No. 1 spot, which had 1.2 million. Interestingly, the next six spots -- E-Trade, Snickers, Motorola, Audi, Focus on the Family and Google -- were separated by just 500,000 views.

Audi's "Green Police" spot came in at No. 5 with 3 million views over the past week, but it was No. 2 in total comments, with 7, 589, meaning it gave viewers a topic to chew over. Similarly, Tim Tebow's Focus on the Family spot came in at No. 6, just behind Audi, and viewers found it almost as discussion-worthy, with 5,483 comments.

Which brings us to Google's "Parisian Love," darling of the blogosphere but unloved by USA Today and TiVo viewers. As expected, Google's first broadcast TV ad did pretty well on the web, coming in at No. 7 with nearly 3 million views. It had the fifth-most comments of any Super Bowl ad on the web, 4,162 across more than 200 sites, meaning it inspired people to interact.

Do comments matter? Well, yes. According to Visible Measures, about 20% of all views of Super Bowl spots (18 million) were socially driven, meaning viewers distributing the video on their own through Facebook, blogs and links passed around via Twitter. Increasingly, advertisers aren't just trying to impress an audience, they need them to participate, too.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 4 Doritos Casket Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 17,835,579 2573% Doritos: Casket
2 New E-Trade Girlfriend Grey 3,439,406 New E-Trade: Girlfriend
3 New Snickers Pick Up Game BBDO 3,406,423 New Snickers: Pick Up Game
4 New Motorola Megan Fox Anomaly 3,332,081 New Motorola: Megan Fox
5 New Audi Green Police Venables Bell & Partners 3,097,270 New Audi: Green Police
6 New Focus on the Family Tebow In-house 2,954,453 New Focus on the Family: Tebow
7 New Google Parisian Love In-house 2,934,144 New Google: Parisian Love
8 New CareerBuilder Start Building N/A 2,606,302 New Careerbuilder: Start Building
9 Back on Chart Bridgestone Your Tires? Or Your Life? The Richards Group 2,564,757 Back on Chart Bridgestone: Your Tires? Or Your Life?
10 New Hyundai Think About It Innocean Worldwide Americas; Initiative 2,498,072 New Hyundai: Think About It
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