Dove's Controversial 'Patches' Video Grabs 25 Million Views in First Week

Two Traffic Safety PSAs Also Land on the Viral Video Chart

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Love it or hate it, Dove's latest installment of its "Campaign for Real Beauty" found a lot of viewers last week: 25 million grabbed the No. 1 spot on the Viral Video Chart. In the four-minute long creative, Dove asks a group of women to try a new prescription "beauty patch" that purports to change the way women "perceive their own beauty." Unlike past ads, this one rolled out in 65 countries simultaneously, had plenty of paid media behind it, and triggered controversy, which no doubt helped views.

Pilion Trust grabs the No.6 spot on this week's chart with its social experiment F*** The Poor? Using hidden cameras, the charity films an actor as he protests with a sign that reads "F*** The Poor." Within moments, passersby's angrily argue with the protester, condemning him for his attitude. When the actor reverses his cause to "Help The Poor," nearly no one gives him a second glance.

Also new: two traffic safety commercials, one from Belgium and "Texting While Driving" from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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