Facebook's 'Chair' Video Hits Viral Chart With Tiny Fraction of Views Counted

Facebook's Walled Data Garden Makes It Hard to Track Content Distributed There

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Facebook celebrated a billion users with its "Things That Connect Us" video last week; one can assume from its placement on Facebook's login page, it got plenty of views. A Facebook spokesman wouldn't tell us how many, but we're getting a clue on the Viral Chart this week, where Facebook's ad landed at No. 8.

What does that tell us? Not a lot, really, because Facebook is a walled data garden that our data partner in this chart, Visible Measures, doesn't track. But Visible Measures does track the rest of the web, so we know that 130,000 of a million off-Facebook views are directly attributable to YouTube. We also know the video that is hosted on Facebook's video page has 825,248 likes, has been shared about 184,828 times and has 50,717 comments.

Still, this bears repeating: Facebook's ad made the Viral Chart even though it was only posted on Thursday last week and we're only counting views that occurred off Facebook, which is kind of amazing. Still, Facebook may be a great distributor of content, but the lack of measurement makes it hard to know how great, which makes it hard for media to do business there.

Facebook's ad isn't the only newcomer to the chart this week: AFSCME's anti-Mitt Romney "Meet the People Who Make America" ad made the chart at No. 3.

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