Not Just For Motorcycle Gangs: GoPro Catches Firefighter Rescuing Adorable Kitten

Good Guys Uses GoPros, Too

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GoPro sure got a lot of attention this week, but not all of it bad. The helmet cam of choice for motorcycle goons everywhere recorded a horrific attack on a banker driving a Land Rover on Manhattan's West Side Highway with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Fortunately, good guys like firefighters wear GoPro cameras, too. No. 1 on last week's Viral Chart is a video recorded of the rescue of a kitten from a smoke-filled house by Fresno firefighter and certified Good Guy Corey Kalanick, who plucks little "Lucky" from a smoky house, gives him oxygen, and dusts him off a bit.

The collective aaaaawwwww was worth 12.6 million views last week, according to Visible Measures.

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