HelloFlo's Priceless Ad for Period Care Packages Goes Viral

World Cup Campaigns Continue to Dominate Half the Viral Chart

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HelloFlo, the subscription service for period care packages that had the media buzzing all last week, has seized the No. 2 spot on the Viral Chart with 16.5 million views, according to Visible Measures.

For those of you who missed it, the brilliantly witty spot features a tween named Katie who desperately wants to claim her womanhood and decides to tell a lie. Her mother, after finding a pad smeared with glittery red nail polish, realizes the hoax but doesn't let on. Instead, mama dearest teaches her a lesson by throwing a ridiculous "First Moon Party" celebrating "Flo's" arrival, filled with over-the-top silly (and mortifying) things like a "vagician," a uterus piƱata and a game of "pin the pad on the period."

The company, which opened in 2013, had an equally hilarious commercial hit last year with "The Camp Gyno."

Nike's captivating "The Last Game" held onto the No. 1 spot on the Viral Chart, which tracks plays in the week ending Sunday, while a Samsung spot flaunting the cutting edge features and design aesthetics of the Galaxy Tab S debuts at No. 4.; Oreo made the chart at No. 6 in a co-branded campaign with the upcoming "Transformers" movie.

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