IPhone What? Samsung Takes Top Two Spots in Viral Video Chart

Apple Has to Settle for No. 5 (and No. 6 and No. 10) -- and Media Exposure and Blockbuster Sales

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Apple may have won the news cycle last week with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but Samsung rocketed to the top of the Visible Measures Viral Video Chart with a 3-minute-plus video introducing the Galaxy Note 4. And Apple's biggest competitor in the smartphone market took the No. 2 spot with a video mocking Apple.

Samsung last week claimed that those mocking "It Doesn't Take a Genius" ads weren't even supposed to be part of a U.S. effort. "The social videos were produced in Korea and are not part of the U.S. marketing campaign," said a Samsung spokeswoman.

Apple did nab three spots on the chart. And the company is no doubt crying all the way to the bank after selling out its new phones during the pre-order phase.

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