Microsoft's HoloLens Is a Viral Hit. Next Test: Real Life

Narrowly Edges Dove's 'Love Your Curls' for Video Plays

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Google Glass may be pivoting toward business uses but consumers remain fascinated by the potential of virtual reality in their near future, as the Viral Video Chart shows this week.

Curiosity about Microsoft's planned HoloLens virtual reality headset helped generate nearly 14 million views in the week ending Sunday for a video showing the company's vision for the product, which it revealed in a surprise announcement last Wednesday.

But viral-video power Dove nearly topped that mark with its latest effort, "Love Your Curls," which scored nearly 13 million views during the same week, according to Visible Measures.

Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial, about a real-life game of Pac-Man, scored nearly 5 million views since it was released late last Thursday night. Expect the next couple of Viral Charts to see a lot more Super Bowl action.

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