Nike Reigns Again Among Viral Video Brands

Replaces One No. 1 Video With Another

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Nike knows dominance: This week it kept Kevin Durant as its pitchman, fending off an aggressive play by Under Armour, and coincidentally kept its No. 1 place among branded viral videos -- excluding movie trailers -- as well.

Its "Gear Up" campaign featuring animated versions of soccer stars was No. 6 on our Viral Video Chart last week, but steals the top spot from another Nike video, the dazzling soccer clip "Mirrors."

LG represents for viral's stalwart smartphone category, this time with a video demonstrating key features of the G3. Google similarly wins a spot with a Chromebook video time for back-to-school season.

Some less-expected contenders showed up as well on this week's chart from Visible Measures, covering the period that ended Sunday. Energy company Petronas won the No. 3 spot with "#AWalkThroughTime," about the history of Malaysia.

As ever with the viral chart, it's important to remember that some videos get more promotion than others, while some draw viewers who organically seek them out or have received a link from friends.

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