Windows Phone Ad Popular With Blackberry, IPhone Users

Campaign About Mobile Phone Over-Use Very Popular With Smartphone Users

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NEW YORK ( -- It will be weeks before we know if anyone will buy a Windows Phone 7, but we do know people like watching ads for Microsoft's latest iPhone competitor. The launch video for the revamped phone debuted at No. 2 on the Viral Video Chart.

The campaign, from Windows' agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, aims a barbed jab at today's leading smartphones -- BlackBerry, iPhone and Android -- that render us heads-down slaves to our devices. Repeatedly asking "Really?" the Windows Phone video finds people stuck to their devices in scenes where they should actually be, well, living. "Here's the phone to save us from our phones," the spot says.

But here's the punchline: Most people who watched the video, according to Visible Measures, did so on their mobile phones! And presumably those mobile phones were the BlackBerries, iPhones and Android phones from which Microsoft argues consumers need rescuing. (The data did not break out how many viewers watched the video while showering, in the bedroom or peeing at urinals.)

After phones, Facebook was a huge driver to the video, as people, including this Ad Age reporter, mocked friends and family for acting like the phone-obsessed in the spot. And this is just the beginning; expect Windows Phone spots to run everywhere in the next couple months. Marketing for the new line of devices will be "competitive" with the $100 million Droid campaign, Microsoft told Ad Age. Disclosure: Visible Measures advised Microsoft on the campaign, and also provided the data for this chart.

While many videos for new devices have made viral splashes in recent weeks, it will take a lot more than views to move the needle this holiday season. BlackBerry's iPad rival and Nokia's U.S. smartphone effort also debuted strong though without sustained interest in even those videos, only time and receipts will tell if YouTube can indeed move the needle this holiday season.

Another lesson emerged this week: The internet still loves Isaiah Mustafah, even if it's not really Isaiah Mustafah. In a recent installment of Blendtec's "Will It Blend?", the fake Isaiah (famous for this awesome parody) is The Man Your Man Could Blend Like, which propelled the video to No. 4 this week. Meanwhile, two other Old Spice videos stayed in the top 10, and "Responses" surged back into first place with 56% more views than last week.

Also new to the chart is a green effort from General Electric and Howcast at No. 7. Enlisting YouTube sensations to get a user-generated video drive off the ground, the campaign is nearly 1 million views closer to its goal of 10 million.

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 2 Old Spice Responses Wieden & Kennedy 1,403,826 +56% Old Spice: Responses
2 New Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Crispin, Porter & Bogusky 1,254,217 New Microsoft: Windows Phone 7
3 1 DC Shoes Gymkhana Three In-house 1,215,358 -29% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Three
4 Back on Chart Blendtec Will It Blend? In-house 1,093,246 Back on Chart Blendtec: Will it Blend?
5 Back on Chart Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Wieden & Kennedy 1,039,811 Back on Chart Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
6 3 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 909,633 +3% Evian: Live Young
7 New General Electric Tag Your Green N/A 847,386 New General Electric: Tag Your Green
8 6 Geico Really Save The Martin Agency 740,946 -2% Geico: Really Save
9 Back on Chart Old Spice Odor Blocker Wieden & Kennedy 714,159 Back on Chart Old Spice: Odor Blocker
10 8 DC Shoes Gymkhana Two In-house 607,446 -12% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Two
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