Viral Chart: Pepsi MAX, Skype Videos Delight But Can't Touch Samsung

Skype's New Campaign Goes Beyond Digs at Facebook and Twitter

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Samsung held on to the top two spots on the Viral Video chart for the second week in a row, thanks to prominent Jay-Z and Usher partnerships, but viewers also gravitated toward Pepsi MAX's latest stunt campaign and Skype's touching "Stay Together."

Pepsi MAX worked some magic with British illusionist Dynamo in its most recent outing for its "Live for Now" stunt campaign. In the two-minute segment, Dynamo levitates alongside a double-decker bus in London, one hand resting casually atop the bus while he waves to stunned onlookers and shoots video on his cell phone. The spot, crafted by Arnold KLP, conjured 4.2 million views, according to Visible Measures, and landed at No. 5 on the chart.

Previous installments of the popular "Live for Now" campaign include "Uncle Drew" from Davie Brown Entertainment, in which NBA star Kyrie Irving disguises himself as an elderly man and schools opponents in basketball, and "Test Drive" from TBWACHIATDAY, with Nascar driver Jeff Gordon in disguise taking an unassuming car salesman on the test drive from hell.

On a more emotional note, Skype unveiled "Stay Together," an ad about a Ugandan man living in Philadelphia whose only link to his family back home, including his son, is Skype. Pereira & O'Dell worked with Skype last year to create a $12 million campaign in the U.S. and U.K. that takes little digs at Facebook and Twitter, "140 characters doesn't equal saying in touch." The video earned 2.3 million views in its first week and came in at No. 8 last week.

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