Peugeot Reboot of Action-Packed '80s Campaign 'The Legend' Goes Viral

Exxon's Video on Becoming an Engineer Goes a Little Less Viral

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The top of this week's Viral Video chart is heavy on style, and the bottom is grounded with substance.

Up at the very top, Peugeot's reboot of an action-packed campaign from the '80s, "The Legend," has piled up more than five million views in less than two weeks, according to Visible Measures. Cartier's "Shape Your Time" took second place; this slick campaign has charted two weeks in a row now, and it's accumulated more than 7.7 million views during that time. A Coca Cola ad showcasing its new mobile game, "Dance Now," gained more than 2.8 million views since debuting last week. And for a second consecutive week, Gucci's first cosmetics campaign, "Stolen Moments," found its way into the Viral Video Chart, which covers the week ending Sunday.

On the substance side, Exxon's "Why Be An Engineer?" found its way onto the chart -- it's gathered more than three million views since debuting in late September. Dove's campaign, "Legacy," which focuses on nurturing body positivity among young girls, drew more than 2.7 million views this past week. (Dove also recently used Snapchat with a similar purpose.) Samsung, which has gotten plenty of views by tweaking its rival Apple, earned its spot on this week's Viral Chart with a video showcasing the Galaxy Note 4's drop-proof design. One of its rivals in the smartphone market, LG, also charted this week with a teaser extolling the virtues of its new G3 smartphone.

And of course, it wouldn't be a Viral chart without some humor. A recent Snickers ads featuring Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a. Mr. Bean) and a teaser for the new season of Lenovo's "Tough Season" web series rounded the top ten out.

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